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– Validade: entre os dias 10 e 13 de agosto de 2017;
– A prova de direito ao desconto é efetuada no ato da compra e em trânsito, no ato da revisão, mediante apresentação do bilhete para o evento ;
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Colour Haze & Acid King in sight!

We’re so psyched to announce Colour Haze for the first time ever in Portugal! This is also the day to welcome back the doom legends Acid King! The amazing Black Bombaim, the portuguese rollers Stone Dead, It Was the Elf, Ana Paris and the mexican/german duo Bar de Monjas will also join us at Moledo!

They’ll be joining the previously confirmed Orange Goblin, Kadavar, Elder, Sasquatch, Kikagaku Moyo/幾何学模様, Monolord, The Machine, Yuri Gagarin, The Well, Death Alley, Blaak Heat, Toxic Shock, Löbo, Vinnum Sabbathi and Holy Mushroom!

Let’s go for a psychedelic summer ride !
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With more than twenty years on the road, almost twenty studio records and a relentless will to keep going, it’s more than comprehensible that Colour Haze are easily considered one of the highest exponents within the European Psychedelic Stoner culture. On their course, they count with innumerable presences throughout all Europe and also on USA, although, they never had the chance to debut on Lusitanian lands. Following the release of their newest full-length album “In Her Garden”, the German trio embraces themselves to descend upon Portuguese lands for the first time ever in their career, received with all the enthusiasm for this seventh edition of SonicBlast Moledo.


Formed by the charismatic Lori S. during the year of 1993, Acid King are, without any doubt, one of the classic acts of the Stoner Doom’s genre. Their intense and powerful sound, turn them into one of the most influential band within this musical circuit, only have passed through Portugal once during their career. On 2017, they make their debut on Moledo and we can only wait for a triumphant presence.


The Mexican / German duo Bar de Monjas promises a thunderous discharge of agitated rhythms, always heavy and filled with fuzz. On the road since 2010, they already count with one full-length studio record, two EP’s and an amazing split, released in collaboration with the already confirmed Vinnum Sabbathi.

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After being obliged to cancel their presence at the last edition, Black Bombaim are ready to return to Moledo to spread their contagious psychotropic Rock. We also receive the fresh Rock n Roll of Stone Dead, as well as the energetic Stoner Metal of It Was the Elf and the return of Ana Paris with their characteristic Stoner Rock force.

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SonicBlast Moledo 2017: Dead Witches join the lineup, MWWB step out


Unfortunately, due to personal issues, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard were forced to cancel their appearance at SonicBlast Festival. The supergroup Dead Witches, whose lineup counts with Mark Greening (former member of Electric Wizard & With the Dead) and Virginia Monti ( from the Italian Psychedelic Witchcraft), are now part of the lineup, bringing along all the mysticism and ocultism present in their Doom Metal to Moledo.


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The third calling!

The seventh edition of SonicBlast Moledo will count with the presence of The Machine, Death Alley, Blaak Heat, Löbo, Toxic Shock, Vinnum Sabbathi e Holy Mushroom, joining the previous confirmed Orange Goblin, Kadavar, Sasquatch, Elder, Kikagaku Moyo/ 幾何学模様, Monolord, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, Yuri Gagarin and The Well!



Four years later after marveling Moledo’s public with the primacy of their instrumental rock, The Machine are back to SonicBlast‘s stage to present the new direction of their art. Famous for their long psychedelic songs, the power-trio started progressing into a more aggressive and grungy direction, being that their last studio work “Offblast”, shows precisely that transition phase. Besides including tracks with vocals, their skill to express themselves through their instruments remains unaltered, producing a new facet for the band, which we will assuredly experience in this seventh edition of the festival.



Death Alley are totally uncontrollable and relentless, a pure mutated Rock machine concentrated in four distinct souls. Counting with former members of The Devil’s Blood, Gewapend Beton and Mühr, the Amsterdam quartet passed already by countless stages, such as DesertFest, Psycho Las Vegas, Hellfest and played twice on Roadburn Festival, given that their second presence there resulted in their most recent work “Live at Roadburn”. Talented with a contagious energy which blends the furor of Punk, the irreverence of Rock n Roll and the delirium of Psychedelics in an unforgettable way, converting them into an unmissable band in any stage they step on to play.


With their origins rooted between Los Angeles and Paris, Blaak Heat are notably one of the most inventive international bands at this moment. Gifted with a sound acclaimed both by the public and the specialized critic, which incorporates various genres, since the Psychedelic Rock, Surf Rock or Progressive Rock to the characteristic tunes of Middle Eastern traditional music, the quartet manages to provide a serious spiritual and electrifying experience. They register in their history more than 200 shows in 21 different countries, including passages through Levitation Austin, Reverence Valada or Red Smoke Fest. We ensure thereby their return to Portugal, prepared to present a dose of new material and manifest their impressive mystic presence.


From haunting to hypnotizing, the sonority of Löbo emphasizes itself for offering a deep and profound instrumental introspective, fully made by an eclectic blend of influences, where the Doom, the Progressive Electronic and the Ambient Drone unfold as major foundations. Coming from Lisbon, they’ll bring the wish to set up a tenebrous and fascinating atmosphere, something that evidently can’t be missed.


The Belgian Toxic Shock, will undoubtedly discharge a monumental liberation of velocity and adrenaline, only reached through their intense Crossover Thrash Metal. In their curriculum, they list numerous shows throughout Europe, appearing at festivals like PitFest, Surfing Eindhoven, Groezrock or Deserfest Antwerp, already having in their discography various EP’s and splits, comprising a split with the North-American Iron Reagan. Somewhere during 2017, the band will release their upcoming full-length record, so the celebration is more than guaranteed for August.


The first Mexicans to play on SonicBlast are no more no less than the young promising Vinnum Sabbathi, creators of a Doom Metal sound extremely influenced by space and the discover of the universe by the human being. Their form of allying slow, down-tuned and heavy riffs with sci-fi themes and clear moments of Drone influences, concedes them a single identity, which will arouse any curious mind that seeks to discover this new wave of distorted sounds, most likely descended by a faraway space cave.


Coming from the lands of Oviedo, Spain, the recent formed Holy Mushroom carry with them a captivating dose of Heavy Psychedelic Rock, elaborated with the aid of ecstatic guitars and brilliant keyboards. Their self-titled debut EP shows exactly that, an impressive capacity of conceiving mind-expanding musical voyages which wrap us in a sweeping way.

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The first pre-sale ends in three days!


That’s right, there are only 3 days remaining to get your 2-day ticket at the lowest price possible, 35€! As of March 1st, the value increases to 42€. Take in mind that all tickets include free-camping right near the beach, a space gently provided by Freguesia de Moledo e Cristelo.

We’ll be welcoming Orange Goblin (UK), Kadavar (GER), Elder (USA), Sasquatch (USA), Monolord (SWE), Kikagaku Moyo (JP) + Yuri Gagarin (SWE), The Well (USA), Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard (UK) and many more surprises yet to be announced…

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The second wave!

The seventh edition of SonicBlast Moledo will count with the presence of Orange Goblin, Kadavar, Sasquatch, Yuri Gagarin, The Well and Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, in addition to the previous confirmed Elder, Kikagaku Moyo/幾何学模様 and Monolord!


Orange Goblin

With more than 20 years on the road, Orange Goblin are certainly one of the most cherished and distinguished bands of the British musical world. Their impeccable union between Heavy Metal, Stoner Rock and many Psychedelic influences doesn’t leave no one indifferent, managing to captivate any mind that seeks energetic riffs and lots of well-done Rock n Roll. Already counting with numerous presences on noteworthy festivals, such as Ressurection Fest, Hell Fest or Desert Fests, the British quartet will now pass through the North of Portugal, for a concert which will assuredly be one of the most awaited act for all the Moledo’s pilgrims.


After their apotheotic show at SonicBlast Moledo’s third edition back in 2013, the German Kadavar return to demonstrate the excellence of their Heavy Rock done a la 70’s, filled with Psychedelic influences, reminiscent of the great sounds of the Classic Rock. Their exponential growth turned them into one of the most prominent bands within the actual Rock scene, leading them to play shows all over the world, including various European tours (performing at the very last Yellowstock Festival, Rockavaria, Download Festival or Hell Fest), as well as passages through the North American continent (such as on the South by Southwest festival) and even a couple of tours through Australia. This time, the band brings with them their latest album “Berlin”, the second one released under Nuclear Blast Records, which was greatly acclaimed by all the retro-rock aficionados and promises to show the new virtues of the mighty Kadavar.


From California,more precisely from the city of Los Angeles, we announce the comeback of Sasquatch to the Portuguese lands, a notable band within the Stoner Rock movement, who has been relentlessly practicing it since the beginning of the century. Profoundly rooted to the 70’s Hard Rock, the Californian power-trio stands out for the influences’ panoply incorporated in their sound, from the Classic Rock of Grand Funk Rail Road or Mountain, to the 90’s explosion of Grunge, with Soundgarden or Melvins. The band is now placing the final touches on their fifth studio album, the follow-up to “IV”, so we can all expect to hear some new tunes soon.


Hailing from Sweden, we welcome for the first time ever in Portugal the Psychedelic Space Rock of Yuri Gagarin, the cosmic quintet whose approach to each musical theme corresponds to an authentic trip through time and space, preparing to lift our mind to the most distant cosmos. Having performed at Greece’s Smoke the Fuzz Fest, at Copenhagen Psych Fest Spring Edition and already announced to DesertFest London, now we add Portugal to the map of the next cosmic explorations, with all systems ready to be turned inside out by the Swedish cosmonauts.


After being confirmed to play at The Maryland Doom Fest and both DesertFests (London and Berlin), the Austin based The Well are also confirmed to invade Moledo with their singular compositions. Gifted with a sound which blends Psychedelic Rock, Heavy Blues and sinister melodies, the Texas power-trio will bring along their newest album, entitled “Pagan Science”, the successor of the outstanding “Samsara”, both released by the exceptional label Riding Easy Records. We can absolutely predict that this will be one of the shows of the year for the SonicBlast public.


Directly from Wales, we cast the musical druidism of Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, exemplary practitioners of their own Doom Metal’s kind, which could be described as both obscure and ethereal, always guaranteeing that the cult to the riff and to the celestial chants is more than alive.


SonicBlast 2017 – the first confirmations!

With the dates already settled for August 11th and 12th, the seventh edition of SonicBlast Moledo starts to take shape with its first confirmations. To begin with the revelations, we will be welcoming the Bay Staters Elder, the Tokyoites Kikagaku Moyo/幾何学模様 and the Gothenburgers Monolord!


Coming directly from the East Coast of United States of America, we proudly announce the long-awaited first visit of Elder to Portugal’s lands, bringing with them the ultimate blend of Progressive Heavy Rock, Psychedelic Rock and Stoner Doom Metal. This unique sound signature, took them to major stages, like Keep it Low Festival, Roadburn Festival (which resulted in the album Live at Roadburn 2013), DesertFest Belgium or Freak Valley Festival. Their most recent album, the extraordinary “Lore”, was considered by many a truly transcendental work of art, a masterpiece which we can’t wait to experience live.


Kikagaku Moyo, which literally is translated to “Geometric Patterns”, will be returning to Portugal to deliver a righteous dose of “feeling good music”, clearly one the finest sounds of Japanese psychedelic world. Passing through festivals like Eindhoven Psych Lab, Duna Jam or Levitation Austin Fest, it is now time to live the sitar folk psych right by Moledo’s beach. Close your eyes, clear your mind and prepare to embrace the cosmic acid folk universe, with the supreme jams of Geometric Patterns.


We gladly welcome back to Portugal the Swedish Doomers Monolord, who after performing at Barroselas Metal Fest 2016, return to spread their colossal heaviness, always worshipping the almighty riff, keeping the sounds fuzzy and haunted, as we like them. It goes without saying that their shows are completely demolishers and mesmerizing, so we all know what to expect.


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