The third calling!

The seventh edition of SonicBlast Moledo will count with the presence of The Machine, Death Alley, Blaak Heat, Löbo, Toxic Shock, Vinnum Sabbathi e Holy Mushroom, joining the previous confirmed Orange Goblin, Kadavar, Sasquatch, Elder, Kikagaku Moyo/ 幾何学模様, Monolord, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, Yuri Gagarin and The Well!



Four years later after marveling Moledo’s public with the primacy of their instrumental rock, The Machine are back to SonicBlast‘s stage to present the new direction of their art. Famous for their long psychedelic songs, the power-trio started progressing into a more aggressive and grungy direction, being that their last studio work “Offblast”, shows precisely that transition phase. Besides including tracks with vocals, their skill to express themselves through their instruments remains unaltered, producing a new facet for the band, which we will assuredly experience in this seventh edition of the festival.



Death Alley are totally uncontrollable and relentless, a pure mutated Rock machine concentrated in four distinct souls. Counting with former members of The Devil’s Blood, Gewapend Beton and Mühr, the Amsterdam quartet passed already by countless stages, such as DesertFest, Psycho Las Vegas, Hellfest and played twice on Roadburn Festival, given that their second presence there resulted in their most recent work “Live at Roadburn”. Talented with a contagious energy which blends the furor of Punk, the irreverence of Rock n Roll and the delirium of Psychedelics in an unforgettable way, converting them into an unmissable band in any stage they step on to play.


With their origins rooted between Los Angeles and Paris, Blaak Heat are notably one of the most inventive international bands at this moment. Gifted with a sound acclaimed both by the public and the specialized critic, which incorporates various genres, since the Psychedelic Rock, Surf Rock or Progressive Rock to the characteristic tunes of Middle Eastern traditional music, the quartet manages to provide a serious spiritual and electrifying experience. They register in their history more than 200 shows in 21 different countries, including passages through Levitation Austin, Reverence Valada or Red Smoke Fest. We ensure thereby their return to Portugal, prepared to present a dose of new material and manifest their impressive mystic presence.


From haunting to hypnotizing, the sonority of Löbo emphasizes itself for offering a deep and profound instrumental introspective, fully made by an eclectic blend of influences, where the Doom, the Progressive Electronic and the Ambient Drone unfold as major foundations. Coming from Lisbon, they’ll bring the wish to set up a tenebrous and fascinating atmosphere, something that evidently can’t be missed.


The Belgian Toxic Shock, will undoubtedly discharge a monumental liberation of velocity and adrenaline, only reached through their intense Crossover Thrash Metal. In their curriculum, they list numerous shows throughout Europe, appearing at festivals like PitFest, Surfing Eindhoven, Groezrock or Deserfest Antwerp, already having in their discography various EP’s and splits, comprising a split with the North-American Iron Reagan. Somewhere during 2017, the band will release their upcoming full-length record, so the celebration is more than guaranteed for August.


The first Mexicans to play on SonicBlast are no more no less than the young promising Vinnum Sabbathi, creators of a Doom Metal sound extremely influenced by space and the discover of the universe by the human being. Their form of allying slow, down-tuned and heavy riffs with sci-fi themes and clear moments of Drone influences, concedes them a single identity, which will arouse any curious mind that seeks to discover this new wave of distorted sounds, most likely descended by a faraway space cave.


Coming from the lands of Oviedo, Spain, the recent formed Holy Mushroom carry with them a captivating dose of Heavy Psychedelic Rock, elaborated with the aid of ecstatic guitars and brilliant keyboards. Their self-titled debut EP shows exactly that, an impressive capacity of conceiving mind-expanding musical voyages which wrap us in a sweeping way.

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